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Kono Ai ni Hizamazuke (track 07 translated)

Pairing: Mitora (Nakai Kazuya) x Fuyuki (Yusa Kouji)

Here’s the hottest phone sex of the whole yaoi world! I just looove Yusa Kouji as uke, so sexy! the background music is also very fitting to give all that strong sexual atmosphere hehehehe.



  • Opening background: Door opens and closes. Fuyuki unties his necktie and falls down to bed. The phone rings*

Fuyuki: Who would be calling me this late at night?

Mitora: Are you doing well, Fuyuki?

Fuyuki: (What’s happening? after not hearing his voice for only a week, why is my chest thumping so hard? I actually miss this terrible man’s voice? And I felt happy that he called? This must be some kind of mistake. This is ridiculous, I won’t accept this.)…..I was doing pretty well until I heard your voice.

Mitora: What unkind words to say to the man who made wonderful love to you all week long…

Fuyuki: To me, I think I have been considerate enough to the guy who has given me, as a present, the worst week of my life.

Mitora: By the way, how do you spend those lonely nights without me?.

Fuyuki: Those nights…

Mitora: It’s about time your body aches for my touch, I bet. Or, are you doing it by yourself?.

Fuyuki: I am hanging up…

Mitora: Don’t act tough. After all those nights I treated you with affection, you can’t forget those, right?.

Fuyuki: I forgot everything the moment I reached home.

Mitora: You are cold…I am thinking about you every day.

Fuyuki: …Idiot…What are you trying to say?.

Mitora: Your body is the best. You got hard no matter how many times we did it. Once I am in you, you tighten around me. I can’t get enough of that feeling.

Fuyuki: …Stop it…(If you continue to say such things, I’ll recall those memories…then my head becomes funny (in ecstasy) and in pleasure.)

Mitora: Let me hear it again, your good voice then.

Fuyuki: …….(no, don’t recall…my body is getting warm…)

Mitora: As of now, your right hand has now become mine (his penis). Remember it. Recall how I always made love to you. Don’t hold back okay, Fuyuki?.

Fuyuki: …….(No, I can’t…if this continues….)

Mitora: Let me tell you where you like being caressed…First is behind your ear lobes. When I stop and lick, you were so happy and enjoying it. Next are your lips. You love kisses, right? You love soft slow kisses. Then, you like your collarbone nibbled. Right under, are your nipples. It was like they were waiting to be played with. Both of them would turn pink and hard when I prodded them. And you like it when I suck them hard.

Fuyuki: …ah…. (no, I can’t…it’s not enough…at all…my fingers are not enough to fill me all…)

Mitora: You love me licking your asshole too, right? Those shallow parts, exploring and thrusting into it with my tongue, but you love that most, right? When I prod you, you make the most remarkable erotic expression…you feel good, right?.

Fuyuki: ….Yes….

Mitora: Let me hear more of your voice.

Fuyuki: …Yes…there! yes!…I’m…coming……(panting) …Mi…tora.

Mitora: Don’t make that sexy voice…Damn! It’s really not enough with only your voice. I am coming over now. Wait for me.

(Little interval xD)

Fuyuki: ….no…I can’t…I’m…gonna die….ah!

Mitora: So? What are you going to do, Fuyuki?

Fuyuki: What I’m going to do? What do you mean…

Mitora: You want to go home or just stay in this hotel room?

Fuyuki: I’ve got work tomorrow, I’ll stay.

Mitora: Really? Then I should stay, too. Fuyuki, wouldn’t you live with me? If you tell your dad that staying will make work easier, I’m sure he’ll agree.

Fuyuki: I refuse. If we do this every day, my body won’t have the energy to bear it.

Mitora: But I’m only rough sometimes…so?

Fuyuki: I wonder if I agree about that…(to live with Mitora, I never even thought about it, I guess. But him being by my side, I’m slowly accepting it. How did it become like this? Mitora…Mitora, he…)

Mitora: It’s been a while since we last saw each other so let’s go to sleep together.

Fuyuki: It’s only been a week, idiot….(“I hate Mitora!”…why can’t I say that now…I…)

———————————————————————————————————————————— This translation belongs to the Namonai drama team!!(http://community.livejournal.com/namonai_drama) The editor’s apologized in advance for some grammatical mistakes but I corrected a few words that were closer to what they were saying but the product is almost the same :) Wasn’t the phone sex just amazing!?? aaaahh my blood pressure! xD